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Retro TV Soap Box Stickers for Dolls
  • Retro TV Soap Box Stickers for Dolls

    SKU: 0006

    Where does Barbie travel in her camper and airplane? To shabby chic stores, where she picked up this fine retro TV! Of course, this TV doesn’t turn on, but it looks great, and is a fine addition to any Barbie retro apartment or thrift store play.


    Kids can use this kit with boxes that hand or bath soap come in, such as Dove or Irish Spring brands, for example. (The sample shown was made with a Dove soap box but will work with any box this size).


    If you are jealous of your dolls’ play world, we offer a real-life size verson, so you can sit in front of a non-functioning TV all day if you are so inclined.


    INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD  A pdf print-ready file, printable.


      Sometimes it's fun to go back in time - especially when it only costs a dollar!

      You've binge-watched retro shows like Madmen and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Now you can create retro scenes with the kids' Barbie dolls - or just have something on your desk for kicks.

      This is like Grandma's first TV. That counts as a history lesson! Teach the kids about the beginning of broadcasting, and maybe even inspire a new appreciation for color television.

      Different screens allow you to "change channels" by swapping stickers. Three channels and a test pattern - those were the days! 

      This is a digital download you can print on your own home printer. Use label paper, or plain paper you tape or glue in place. These designs are for standard soap boxes like Dove, Irish Spring, and simlar sized boxes. Print additional copies if you need to cover more for larger boxes.


      We sell our copyrighted downloads inexpensively to help you find inexpensive ways to keep little hands and minds busy. However, we also must also protect our copyrighted material (artwork and designs). This gives you value for your money, and helps us keep our artists and other team members working. Both great things!

      These downloads are intended to be purchased and kept on your personal file, for reprinting at home on your home computer, and kept for your personal use. If you want to print from your home computer to give to kids, or use at parties, or classrooms, we're good with that! We just don't want to see our products being sold somewhere when we didn't authorize it - for that kind of thing we'll need to talk.

      So - when it comes to the commercial printing, and/or the distribution for the purpose of sales, to avoid copyright violations please contact us directly at


      We offer high-resolution printing, framing, gift cards, custom party items and more. Contact us at for additional items.


      Having trouble with a download? Contact us at We can help!


      Be sure to check out videos for instructions!

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